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27 New Smart Control Skylights

During a large cedar install using 24-inch Royals, we also had to replace 27 original skylights. These were replaced by all-new skylights featuring all the bells and whistles you could imagine, from solar power internal retractable shades to electric venting all controlled from a cell phone app!

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Windows & Doors Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania

We don't only install roofing, choose Gillespie Contracting Inc for your windows too.

Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors Malvern

If you are renovating your property, why not consider having your roofing contractor install your windows & doors at the same time? This comes with many benefits and saves money on hiring two separate contractors. At Gillespie Contracting Inc. We have a wealth of experience installing a variety of types of windows, including Bay Windows, Dormers, Barrel Dormers, and Skylights.

Windows & Doors Gladwyne

Choose a Single Contractor

If you already have a roofing contractor working on your property, it makes perfect sense to have them replace your windows as part of the same job. They are already going to be onsite and are familiar with your property, so you would be able to avoid any additional call-out fees and you won't have the inconvenience of meeting with multiple contractors.

Creating a Cohesive Look

Windows & Doors Ardmore

Completing both your roof replacement and your windows as part of the same project can also help with creating a more cohesive look for your home. Window awnings surround and flashing can be completed in the same material, such as copper, as is used on your roof and these will wear at the same rate for a more cohesive look over time. This could also save you some money on the cost of materials.

Attention to Detail in Our Craft

Windows & Doors Malvern PA
Replacement Skylights
Windows & Doors Gladwyne PA
Custom Copper Skylight
Windows & Doors Ardmore PA
Copper Bay Windows
Windows & Doors Malvern Pennsylvania
Copper Bay Window
Malvern Windows & Doors
16 oz Copper Flat Seam Barrel Dormers
Windows & Doors Gladwyne Pennsylvania
Copper Barrel Dormer
Gladwyne Windows & Doors
Custom Copper Dormer
Windows & Doors Ardmore Pennsylvania
Skylight with Bronze Flashing
Ardmore Windows & Doors
Decorative Window Installation

Staying On Top of Things

36 years of experience has brought us to the forefront of the speciality roofing industry. Our winning formula comes from our impeccable workmanship, relentless commitment to quality, and unparalleled customer service. Take a look at the wide range of customized roofs designed to not only be functional but also uniquely beautiful in their design.

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