Repairing or Replacing Cedar Shake Roofing

Sep 07, 2019

Many people enjoy the look of natural materials when choosing construction materials. That is one of the reasons why cedar shake roofing has become so popular. One of the great things about choosing a new roof installed by a cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, is that it looks great and offers a superior level of protection against adverse weather conditions like high winds and hail.

Let’s take a closer look at the ins and outs of repairing or replacing cedar shake, according to a professional cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA.

Choosing to Repair or Replace

Any cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, will tell you that repairing a few damaged shakes is reasonably simple. However, because it also involves removing fasteners, it is worth bearing in mind that the process can be invasive and put additional stress on the surrounding shakes. It is also possible that the underlayers could be damaged during the repair. In some cases, patching up problem areas to extend the life of the roof is a false economy and can cause more trouble than it is worth! It is essential to seek advice from a professional cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, to find out if a repair is viable or if replacing the roof is a better option. Repairing a whole row of shakes could be the ideal solution.

Replacing a Cedar Roof

If your cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, suggests that it would not be cost-effective to repair your cedar shake roof, it is time for a replacement. If your roof is installed correctly and maintained, it should last for 25 to 30 years, so while replacing a damaged roof is a significant expense, it is undoubtedly a long-term investment.

How to Spot a Roof in Need of Replacement

If you find yourself in the position where you have purchased a home with a poorly maintained cedar shake roof, you may be wondering if it will need to be replaced soon. The best course of action is to have a professional cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, carry out a roof inspection for you. However, these warning signs are things you can look out for yourself:

  • Constant Leaks – If there are any issues with sub-roofing because of previous repair work, the roof will likely need replacement. Water often runs along the underlayers, so it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact location of the leaks without advice from a professional cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA.
  • Missing Shake – If you spot a missing shake, it could be an easy replacement, but it is essential to look at why it has come loose in the first place. Are the fasteners failing? Were the shakes installed incorrectly? Is there underlying damage? Always check this out thoroughly before simply replacing a missing shake.
  • Damage & Deterioration – Damage to cedar shake roofing usually happens gradually over time. Hairline cracks, impact damage, and curling can worsen over time. It is advisable to have regular roof inspections to monitor this type of damage.


Staying on Top of Things

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