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Frequently Asked Questions About Slate Roofing

Every slate roofer in Chester Springs PA hears the same questions from homeowners regarding choosing slate for their roof. A new roof is undoubtedly a significant investment, so it is only natural to want to ask these questions to ensure you are making the right choice. We’ve put together some of the answers to common questions every slate roofer in Chester Springs PA hears on a day to day basis.

Are My Color Choices Limited When Choosing Slate Roofing?

Lots of homeowners worry that by choosing slate, they will be limiting themselves in terms of the styles and colors available. There seems to be a common misconception that slate is always grey, but that certainly is not the case at all! Slate is available in a range of shades including greys, blacks, greens, purples, and reds. Also, with the growing popularity of faux slate, your slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA should be able to source almost any color you have your heart set on, even if it is not a natural option! As well as a wide selection of colors, there are also lots of different styles and textures to choose from when selecting slate for your roof.


How Long Can I Expect My Slate Roof to Last?

Aside from questions about the overall look of a slate roof, one of the other big questions a slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA will be used to hearing is how long the roof is likely to last! If we focus on natural slate, this is more or less rock! In its raw form, it is a material that is already millions of years old – so you can expect it to stick around for a long time! Slate needs little to no maintenance and can last for an average of 75 to 100 years. Roofers tend to refer to slate roofs as a ‘forever roof’ since it is unlikely to need to be replaced in the homeowners lifetime! In the event of damage, it is relatively simple for a trained roofer to slide out the affected slate and install a replacement.


Why Choose Slate Instead of Shingle?

As touched on above, slate is a durable and hardwearing option for your roof. One of the key reasons to opt for slate instead of shingle is that once installed; there will be no need to replace a slate roof in your lifetime. In comparison, shingle may need replaced 2 or even three times. Other reasons to choose slate include adding value to your property and the material’s natural resistance to fire, water and mold. Slate does run more expensive than shingle, but in the long run, since it lasts longer and adds value, it is a worthwhile investment.


Is There Any Special Prep Work for a Slate Roof?

One thing a slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA should make you aware of is that a slate roof is going to add 500 pounds onto your roof. It is important to have the property inspected to make sure that it is structurally sound and able to deal with this extra weight.


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