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Fascinating Facts About Cedar Roofing

Cedar is one of the most traditional materials when it comes to choosing a new roof. One of the main reasons why the material so popular is that cedar roofs can be very attractive. However, as any Cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA will tell you, cedar also offers several practical advantages over and above just looking good!


Let’s take a look at a few fascinating facts about cedar roofing.

Let’s Start With the Basics


First, let’s start with the most basic facts – what is a cedar roof? The term ‘cedar’ actually encompasses the wood from over a dozen different trees that grow all over the world. However, red cedar is the variety that is most often used by many a Cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA. In recent years, white cedar has started to see a surge in popularity too. This is mainly attributed to the lower price point. Cedar roofs can take a few different forms, and it all comes down to personal preference from the homeowner.  The wood may be cut into shingles which are sawn on both sides or into shake which is more likely to be hand split and re-sawn for a more rustic texture. If you are not sure which option is best suited to your property, then a Cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA can talk you through the pros and cons of each style.


4 Reasons Why Cedar is an Eco-Friendly Option


Something that is becoming increasingly important, not just in roofing but in the construction industry as a whole is environmentally sound materials. Here are a few reasons why cedar can be considered an eco-friendly option:


  1. You can choose a Cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, who uses wood from sustainable sources. The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau offers its Certi-LabelTM to identify sustainable products quickly.
  2. Cedar roofing is durable. Although the warranty is usually an average of 25 years, with proper installation and maintenance, cedar roofs can last for 60 years or more! The lifespan can be extended by replacing only individual damaged shingle instead of replacing an entire roof!
  3. Once a cedar roof does reach the end of its life, the discarded shake or shingles can be repurposed as mulch, meaning less waste in our landfills.
  4. Cedar has a natural resistance to extreme weather and fluctuating temperatures. It also offers natural thermal resistance, which can help to cut the cost of energy bills in the home by reducing the need for heating and air conditioning.


Maintaining a Cedar Roof

If you do decide to opt for a cedar roof, then it is wise to hire a cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA to carry out regular maintenance to extend the life of your roof and keep it looking beautiful! Here are our cedar maintenance tips.

  • Fallen leaves and other debris should be removed twice per year to stop drainage issues.
  • Cedar is a natural breeding ground for fungi, moss, and algae, so a gentle pressure wash approximately every four years is required to remove any growth.
  • Restoration work, including replacing the ridge cap, should be carried out every 15 years.


Staying on Top of Things


Founded in 1986, Gillespie Contracting Inc is a family run professional Cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA and sheet metal fabrication company. We have been serving Southeast Pennsylvania since 1986 providing roofing, siding, gutter systems, metal fabrication, and exterior home maintenance. If you are in need of a cedar or slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA why not get in touch by calling 610.942.9877 today.